The ‘Interior Design Beat’ Podcast

with Steven C. Adamko …  The Only

Professional Interior Designer and Podcaster in Michigan

The ‘Interior Design Beat’ Podcast is a very special Candid Interior Design Podcast with Commentary, Critique, Interpretation, and Analysis by Interior Designer, Speaker,  and Author – Steven C. Adamko on various interior design subjects and topics … including the good, the bad, and the ugly. He tells you like it really is … Giving You the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth, so that you don’t have to feel lucky or hope you are lucky in any type of interior design situation.

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My Commitment to You

Excellence in Interior Design by Steven C. Adamko … Interior Designer, Speaker, and Author …

Interior Design with a Look and an Ambiance! Skillful … Knowledgeable … Passionate Interior Design that you can always count on! No exceptions! 🙂

In The ‘Interior Design Beat’ Podcast , I  teach and impart my interior design wisdom and insight to those who are ready to learn, discover, and be enriched.

Photo of Steven C. Adamko ... Interior Designer, Speaker, and Author
Steven C. Adamko … Interior Designer, Speaker,  Author,and Podcaster

Get Quality Interior Design Advice Today

Whether you’re a renter, DIYer, or own a home of any size, Steven C. Adamko can help you succeed with information included in The ‘Interior Design Beat’ Podcast .

Expert Interior Designer Steven C. Adamko believes in doing it once, right, the first time, based on enduring principles and techniques. Steve aligns  your  lifestyle with the proper interior design environment and ambiance that is exactly and precisely hand-tailored to You!  You can trust Steven C. Adamko to make your dream a reality!

His expertise is in residential and commercial design, lighting design, custom furniture design, and all other aspects that relate to interiors.  His greatest love is in residential interiors because of their personal nature.  He has had his work presented and published in the Baker Furniture catalogue, entitled “The McMillen Collection”, which is an extensive selection of furniture drawn from the practice of America’s most prestigious design firm McMillen Incorporated, NY, NY.  This firm has been around for over 93 years since 1924.  Steve is a personal tailor to his clients by bringing out the best in them and their environments.




Hopefully it is a beautiful environment that you can live in and work in that makes you feel wonderful and alive with passion to live your life to the maximum. If that is your dream, you have come to the right place. Everyone who loves a home deserves to have one that is truly satisfying. Welcome to the world of “Inside Design” … Designing from the inside out. Welcome to the world of “Discovery” where together we uncover those hidden dreams and desires in you! It all starts with you … in order that your environment is a true reflection of you, but presented in a very orchestrated and “musical” way. Let the beat begin … The ‘Interior Design Beat’ Podcast!

“Steven C. Adamko, the owner and founder of Spectrum Interiors is a true interior designer working with the owner’s program with a spacial vision which achieves solutions greater than expected within an ambiance never envisioned. We need this type of designer’s caring!”

John W. Allegretti, FAIA

Allegretti Architects, Inc.


Troy Cuvelier, founder and President of iST

Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc.





Our face-to-face and hands-on Interior Design Seminars will majorly Enhance Your Experience with your interior design projects … especially if you choose to engage our services! These seminars, are very engaging, enlightening, and fun. You will walk out after the seminar with a significant “wow-factor” feeling and with plenty to talk about later. These are life-changing seminars that incorporate high-level and heart-centered communication.



Webinars are inexpensive ways to get the right information that’ll help you create a very successful and pleasing interior design. But… you’ve got to learn it from someone who really knows their stuff. One who has “hit the bulls-eye” every time… all the time; and has for years. You need to learn from someone who can not only deliver the right “Look,” but the right “Ambiance” as well; one that is appropriate to you, your lifestyle, and your environment.


Color is How You Light It - Seminar & Webinar
Seminars and Webinars



Seminars, Webinars, Teleseminars, and Workshops in all areas of Interior Design!

Not every home owner or apartment dweller can afford to hire a Professional Interior Designer, but with this Service, plus a bit of “do-it-yourself ” spirit; you can give your interiors any desired “Look” and “Ambiance” that will be Totally Engaging!


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