Professional Interior Design & Interior Design Ambiance

The Right Look with the Right Ambiance! … Tailored to You!

The “Interior Design Beat” Podcast is a media outreach of Spectrum Interiors, owned and founded by Interior Designer Steven C. Adamko and based in the Kalamazoo/Portage Metro Area in SW Michigan. Steven C. Adamko is committed to providing excellence in the interior design field as well as the teaching field relative to interior design by providing the client with the optimal “Look and Ambiance” experience. We work with homeowners and business owner to increase environmental enjoyment, their visibility, and appeal while providing them with the insight, methods, and processes to live in and enjoy … on multi-levels … an artistic interior environment intertwined with their preferences and dreams for the right “Interior Design Ambiance.”

Creating Your Interior Design Masterpiece

Design Your Interior with Less Hassle

Steve Adamko knows all the principles and techniques to turn your mundane or lackluster environment into a masterfully orchestrated interior design “hit.”

Great design is predicated on proper discovery work and a systematic process that is liberating, but not stifling. In addition, I am blessed to have the ability to see a design work done in what I call “3-D sensor-round” … meaning that I can see, visualize, feel, and experience the end result as if it were already a physical reality at any point of the design process. The result is the perfect “Interior Design Ambiance” tailored specifically to you!

I approach a design job like a doctor, an attorney, and an expert archer … 

My “tools” for creating your interior environment include:

  • Discovery & Questions – Like a doctor in that I listen to what the “problem or situation” is and what the client needs, wants, and doesn’t want. I ask the proper questions to get to the “root of the problem or situation”. I take the proper “measurements”, document the results, analyze the results, and prescribe the proper, effective, and satisfying interior design solution.
  • Due Diligence & Substantiation – Like an attorney … in that I do my “due diligence”. I ask the right questions, to get the right answers, to get the right results. Then, I substantiate my findings, suggestions, and course of action with the proper selection of elements and materials and present a full body of “material evidence” that culminates in a rich and satisfying interior design outcome.
  • Expert Targeting for Precise Results – Like an expert archer, I have hit the bulls-eye every time for the last 38 years. I take my job seriously, but I like to have fun and teach the client as I go along so they can see and understand the process and have a much more enriching experience. An educated client is a better client and they are more fun to work with. This is the vital importance of real communication in all its forms such as words, sketches, drawings, and specifications.
  • Ambiance! – Finally, I bring the “magic experience” of ambiance. Ambiance is the intangible aspect that goes far beyond a mere “look”. The aspect of ambiance brings depth, orchestration, vitality, musicality, animation, and pure sensory enjoyment to your environment and life. To that end, I am dedicated. 

Podcast Support

Helping Listeners Find Their Interior Design Insight

Listen and Discover! Steve helps you:

  • Find Answers to Your Design Dilemmas – Steve offer detailed information on master planning, lifestyle, enhancement, space planning, lighting, backgrounds, furniture, accessories, and much more.
  • Find Your Favorite “Place” – Steve helps you find your “place in your place” … your private domain. Your home is the only place you can truly control. So it is important that you create the right environment with knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and insight.
  • Follow the Best Design Advice While Not Getting Sucked Into the Latest Trends – In following trends, you end up losing your unique identity. No one is quite like you in the whole world. So stand up and stand out in your world of influence.