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Spectrum Interior’s was established by Interior Designer Steven C. Adamko in 1982. Our Office is located in the Portage/Kalamazoo Metro Area.  Call 866-239-6520 for more information and hours.

When a “Mere Look” just won’t do … You Need Ambiance … Orchestrated Especially for You!

Engaging Interior Designer Steven C. Adamko Means You Get Captivating and Engaging Interior Design Tailored Specifically to You and Your Lifestyle!

Interior Design and Interior Design Schemes Created with Skill, Knowledge, and Passion by Top Kalamazoo Interior Designer Steven C. Adamko … Owner & Founder of Spectrum Interiors … Established in Kalamazoo in 1982. Say ‘Hello’ to Orchestrated Interior Design that is Music to Your Eyes and Emotions!

Interior Design Seminars & Training

We offer Interior Design Seminars because we believe that an educated client is a better client and because it enhances the client’s experience and “narrows the gap” between the designer and the client. There is a greater appreciation for the design process and what it can do when employed correctly to bring about a superior result. Once this instructional process is complete, one can apply what one has learned today, tomorrow, and forever.

​Seminars are offered in time ranges of 1 hour; 1 1/2 hours; 2 hours; 2 1/2 hours and 3 hours. Topics can be wide ranging; in addition to our established programs. We also take requests for particular areas of interest that would be beneficial for groups as well.

​Topics to be explored include setting a dream, goal, and master plan; proper space planning; setting ambiance, the role of good architecture in design; the proper orchestration of color, pattern, texture, form, shape, and proportion in bringing about a masterful result; the right way to look at window treatments; accessorizing for the proper culmination of a great design; how to weave your personality into a unique and personal presentation of you in a way that you have never been able to conceive of before. And…much more.

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We are here to answer any questions you may have. Reach out to us and we’ll respond as soon as we can. Steven C. Adamko is the Owner and Founder of Spectrum Interiors … Established in 1982. Steve is also the Producer and Host of The ‘Interior Design Beat’ Podcast.

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