Truly in regards to interior design and decorating it’s all about the magic and excitement of Ambiance! This goes far beyond a look! How many know what Ambiance really is or how to achieve it!

Why is Ambiance so important? I’ll be quite frank with you. Without Ambiance you end up with basically just a “Look.” And a look to me doesn’t really incorporate the depth of your personality and character, as well as other attributes of that nature. It’s rather superficial, and it doesn’t express the true treasure that’s in you as a unique individual.

Rooms of excellence have Ambiance regardless of the degree of formality or informality. The first step to obtaining Ambiance is to define it! Not just the dictionary version, but your version!

So, the big question is … why do so few people have Ambiance?  Number one is, they try to follow a trend or fad.  Now, both those things come and go so it’s very easy to get locked into a time warp eventually … just like a time capsule. It can get outdated at a certain point, if you don’t handle things correctly!

The Magic of Ambiance in Your Residential Interior Design vs a ‘Look’ is a Major Game Changer! The difference is unbelievable in the way you will feel and think. Most people even pay extra for Ambiance when they go out for a special dinner. Or, they will say they go there … not only the good food, but for the Ambiance.

Ambiance touches the heart, the mind, the emotions, and your feelings.  When interior design is handled correctly and has ambiance orchestrated with it … Well, it just seems to envelop you and  surround you with a special essence that can be hard to put your finger on.  Nevertheless, it’s there and you definitely feel it. The Ambiance touches every part of you and makes an impact on you, for your enjoyment and delight.

That’s what The Magic of Ambiance in Your Residential Interior Design will do for you!

So don’t just rely on a ‘Look’ only.  Make sure you have a look with Ambiance!

Without a doubt, lighting is one of the most important elements in your interior design environment. Proper lighting enhances the mood of your room, and in many cases, it is the dominating influence in creating the mood.

Flexibility and adjustability are two of the greatest powers in lighting. Because of this, you can vary the lighting effect and the expression of any room. With the flick of a switch or the dial of a rheostat, you can alter dramatically how a room is perceived. When properly utilized, this variable aspect of lighting is a preeminent property. Not only is it practical and utilitarian, it also has superior artistic abilities when used properly.