You’re going to discover some fascinating information on ‘The Use of Color to Express Personality in Your Interior Design and Decorating.’ Nothing is more personal than color, and nothing expresses your personality with clearer or more unmistakable attraction than color! So, it’s a pretty big, impactful, and important element to design. Sensitive and insightful vision must be employed when presenting, composing, and allocating colors for your environments.

The primary and secondary colors are six in all, with three colors per category. The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. The secondary colors, which are combinations of the primary colors, are orange, green, and violet. Color is a very deep and complex subject from the following viewpoints: scientifically, emotionally, visually, spiritually, and intellectually. It touches every aspect of our lives with meaning and symbolism. Therefore, it is helpful to understand color and how it impacts your life. Your understanding of color does not have to be at the Ph.D. level … just a good, solid basic understanding will do.

First and foremost, color has its source in light and natural light comes from the sun. Therefore, color is how you light it. Color is perceived based on the source of light that is used to illuminate objects, and the way color is absorbed and reflected back to your eye. This is a very important fact to keep in mind relative to ‘The Use of Color to Express Personality in Your Interior Design and Decorating.’

Color can be described in three terms: hue, value, and intensity. Hue means the name of the color. Value means the relative lightness or darkness of a color. Intensity means how dull or vivid the color is.

The Proper Use of Color to Express Personality in Your Interior Design and Decorating … is all about how it’s presented, how it’s composed, how it’s allocated, etc. It’s all about proportional relationships and how much of this versus how much of that, how much relative intensity you can live with, how much contrast level you can live with. That’s another big thing. So basically, all of this is kind of like a rheostat … It’s all adjustable, and variable to people and circumstances. Over time people can say, “Well, Hey, … I can try that bolder color.” And sometimes they’ll say, “Why didn’t I do this a long time ago?” You know. I was playing it so safe.”

So get out of that brown paper bag and Use Color to Express Personality in Your Interior Design and Decorating.

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