ABOUT ... Steven C. Adamko - Interior Designer of Custom Residential Interiors with the Right Look and the Perfectly Tailored Ambiance or Ambience!

Steven C. Adamko – Interior Designer and the Host, Producer, and Voice of the “Interior design Beat” Podcast, says “With so many interior designers and interior decorators in the Kalamazoo and Portage metro area, plus West Michigan and Southwest Michigan; as well as interior many design firms touting that they provide “Amazing Interiors;”one has to know what to look for in the realm of Comprehensive Interior Design vs. “Full-Service Interior Design.” Every Design firm or store boasts “Full-Service Interior Design,” but it is NOT the same as Superior Level Interior Design.

The Superior Level Interior Designer incorporates Skill, Talent, Wisdom, Knowledge, Experience, Insight, Ability, Vision, Architectural and Building Knowledge.  Being a Licensed Builder, Lighting Designer, and Furniture Designer in Addition to being a Top-Level Interior Designer, is definitely adding the Crème de la Crème into one “Full-Bodied Experience!” THIS is what YOU GET with Residential Interior Designer Steven C. Adamko, the Owner and Founder of Spectrum Interiors in Portage, MI.”

Steve is also NCIDQ Certified. NCIDQ stands for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification. Steve has been Certified since October of 1996. The NCIDQ Exam for Interior Designers is the equivalent of the Bar Exam for Attorneys.

The Story Behind and About the "Interior Design Beat" podcast.

Professional Interior Designer Steven C. Adamko is The Voice of the Interior Design Beat Podcast. You get to Listen to Candid commentary on various interior design subjects and topics including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Telling you like it really is! Giving you the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so you don’t have to hope you are lucky in any type of interior design situation. Steve is dedicated to giving you a healthy dose of Interior Design Commentary, Critique, Interpretation, and Analysis.

The “Interior Design Beat” is the heartbeat of interior design podcasts! It’s hosted and produced by   Steven C. Adamko – Interior Designer who is the Owner and Founder of Spectrum Interiors, established in 1982, in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Steve is all about Skillful, Knowledgeable, Passionate Interior Design. In Addition, Steve is a Passionate Teacher and Preacher, and very good at both. Steve explores, expresses, and expounds on the nuances in interior design. The Nuances make all the Difference. Nuances Create the Depth and Richness in your interior design. Nuances are the Details, the Dynamics, and the Distinctive Elements that Create an Unmistakably Unique Interior.  Steven C. Adamko is the Premier Interior Designer among Kalamazoo Interior Designers.

Meet Your Host Steven C. Adamko - Interior Designer, Lighting Designer, Custom Furniture Designer, Author, Speaker, and Licensed Builder.

Steven C. Adamko - Interior Designer
Steven C. Adamko - Interior Designer

Steve is the Only Interior Designer who delivers not only a Look, but the correct Ambiance or Ambience as well. He is the only one to have a unique system that guarantees “Orchestrated Interior Design” results.

CALL Steven C. Adamko – Interior Designer (269) 888-2049 … Spectrum Interiors … Established in 1982 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Get the Best and Forget the Rest!

West Michigan Interior Designer Steven C. Adamko is the Only outside Designer to have his work published in Baker Furniture’s Publcation “The McMillen Collection” … which includes a collection of furniture from the Prestigious Interior Design Firm, McMillen Inc., N.Y, N.Y. Established in 1924. It is the longest standing Interior Design Firm in America!

The photo is the corner of a large Master Bedroom using many pieces from The McMillen Collection, which have all been customized by Steve. Their is also custom furniture designed and made by Steve as well as custom bed coverings and toss pillows also designed by Steve. You can click on the Image below and see this room on YouTube.



Steven C. Adamko Interior Designer

The McMillen Collection

One corner of the Master Bedroom designed by Steven C. Adamko ... Click on Image for YouTube video of the room.

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